On October 4 - 7, 2015 in Miami
become the most sought-after person in your organization

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“Fabulous conference! The industry roundtable
conversations and sessions with specific
examples from other ACL customers gave me
quick-to-apply solutions for when
I returned to the office.”

“Connections is such a great event. You get the
opportunity to network with both peers and
ACL staff, get a sneak peak of the newest
tools, and learn valuable strategies
and techniques. I look forward to it every year!”

“ACL Connections is not just an event;
it's an investment for the future of your company.”

“The price of the conference seemed a little steep
at first, but the value received was absolutely amazing!
There was so much information provided
that I can't wait to attend the next conference!
I also appreciate how the ACL employees made themselves
extremely accessible to the attendees throughout
the conference.”

“ACL Connections provided me with an opportunity
to network with my industry-specific peers.
It was very interesting to discover how others have
implemented ACL to perform CA and analytics
in support of their Audit departments.”

“Starting on your analytics journey can be a lonely
and frustrating experience. Attending ACL Connections
allows you to share your experiences and learn
from others. You will be able to jumpstart
your team's ability to use data to deliver great insight
and become the most sought-after people in
your organization.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the value I received
at ACL Connections. It is rare a 3-day session will provide
a 50,000 ft view while walking you through the trees.”

“ACL Connections is geared towards the problems, issues and
analysis requirements that I face every day – data access,
data analysis, and ACL. As a data analyst,
I am among peers and e-friends which makes the time spent
at Connections extremely valuable and rewarding personally
and professionally. For me, it is the best use of my training dollars.”

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ACL Connections 2015 | Become the most sought-after member of your company

You know things. You have insight into risk but you’ve also noticed opportunities to materially improve the health of the entire organization. Let’s put your insight into the spotlight so you can take your rightful place as the most sought-after group. ACL Connections 2015 is all about you: giving you the vision, the skills and the technology savvy to put your work in an executive context.

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Connections 2015 will feature an incredible range of inspiring speakers. They will help you make the most out of your ACL investment and demonstrate how you can show value to your organization.

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ACL Connections User Conference runs for three, jam-packed days. Reach in, dig deep, and experience as much as you can while in Miami. Take a look at what we have in store for you and plan ahead!

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Get access to our latest product roadmaps, best practices, thought-leadership sessions and much more – all while soaking up the beautiful sun rays of Miami for three days. You’ll even get 17 CPE credits by attending!

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