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Building value, executive alignment, and relevance, requires "connecting the dots"

Internal audit leaders know they need to be more relevant, more valuable, and have a better seat at the table. But, how?

Internal audit is facing a tremendous opportunity to enhance its value proposition to the organization. In this new eBook, we outline how internal audit teams can optimize processes and increase their relevance to the business and C-Suite.

Now is the time for internal audit to start connecting the dots:

  • across separate audit, risk management, and compliance processes taking place across the organization
  • among the audit team and business unit contributors and stakeholders through collaboration in a single system
  • directly from factual data to big picture risks & objectives
  • within the auditor’s workflow, by pulling together pieces of the audit process previously scattered across shared drives, spreadsheets, email, and other technology

At ACL, we believe strongly in the power of technology to help internal auditors realize their full potential as highly valuable resources that are sought-after throughout the organization. Learn more with this 30+ page guide. Download now!

About the Author:

John Verver, CPA, CISA, CMC, is strategic advisor to ACL and a longtime proponent of the role of technology in audit, risk management, compliance, and continuous monitoring