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The truth is in the transactions.

How effective is your corporate fraud detection program? Purchasing Card and T&E are two key areas where data analysis technology has a critical role to play in identifying indicators of fraud and stopping fraudsters in their tracks. By analyzing millions of transactions and looking for particular red-flags, data analysis can make up for control weaknesses and rapidly identify where fraud has occurred.

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The earlier you start your fraud detection program, the sooner you begin building a culture of compliance throughout your organization. This 16-page eBook is packed with sample tests, practical getting-started tips, and an 11-step checklist for getting started on your testing. Fill in the form to download this essential guide!

About the Author:

John Verver, CA, CISA, CMC, is the vice president of strategy with ACL and a longtime proponent of the role of technology in audit, risk management, compliance and continuous monitoring

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